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Hi, I’m Yvonne Richards, the founder of PERPATUATREE and the Creating Your Legacy Course. I have been online since the late 1990’s.

PERPATUATREE is a take on ‘in perpetuity’ – to last forever, which is what all of us want for our family history research.


My Content

Since the age of 14, I have been actively (and, at times, not so actively) pursuing my family tree. My passion is genealogy and my mission  is to “help other overwhelmed family tree historians organise and present their research to engage, inspire and delight their families; creating a legacy that will be treasured and passed down through the generations.”

To that end, I write about organising, digitising, preserving and presenting your family tree research in a way that is meaningful, engaging and inspiring for generations to come.

I also have a website over at Yvonne J Richards where I cover some of my other loves in life, such as the environment, hedgehogs, bees and spirituality.

My goal is to create relevant content that will help you overcome the overwhelm of too much paperwork and not enough time. If you want to spend more time researching and less time organising your tree, then this is the blog for you.

I typically post once a week, as well uploading a video to my Youtube channel, and so to make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via email. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  You can also find me at Pinterest,  Facebook and Twitter.

My Biography

My professional life as a Personal Assistant began back in the 1970’s and I still work as a Virtual Assistant part-time. I have run a number of my own companies including a jewellery distributorship and a big men’s online clothing store. I am trained in Administrative Management and also have training in the world of spirituality.


My Family

I have been married to my husband, Peter for twenty-six years. We have two sons and live in the West Midlands in the UK.

Family 15.9.12 103

In my free time, I enjoy reading, crafting, gardening, doing jigsaws and have another long-time passion for amateur theatre, having been onstage for 20+ years taking small parts and being part of the dancing team and then moving to backstage work, which I find equally, if not more, challenging. Here’s a picture of me when I was a little younger, back in 1977.  I’m the one on the right.


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