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Do you hate salesmen?


Do you get annoyed with door-to-door salesmen?  Or cold-callers?  We have a particularly pesky one at the moment who insists on keep ringing us and giving us the silent treatment.  We know who they are and loads of other people have problems with them too, if the online posts we found are anything to go by.  It’s even the same now when you open up your emails isn’t it?  Seems everyone is trying to sell you something.  I don’t mind people who add their link into their email, you can make your own mind up then but when the copy is all about sell, sell, sell and them, them, them, it makes my blood boil.

I want to run a company that has a bit more street cred than that.  That’s why I like to ASK people what they want, what they are struggling with and how I can help them.  And that’s why I’m writing this week to ask you if you’d answer a few questions for me so that I can a) help you by knowing what you’re struggling with b) only be sending you information that you are interested in.

Our survey only takes a few minutes to complete, really easy questions and next week, I’ll announce the winner of completely free access to the whole of our “Creating Your Legacy” course.  A whole five week’s worth of training covering research, recording, preserving and presenting your family history.

Here’s the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MY5JX9C

Thanks very much.

Let’s hope next week is better as this week I’ve been struggling with a nasty little virus that I’ve now managed to rid myself of (well, my computer I should say, not me personally).  Must have downloaded something that then set up an exclusion for a foreign ip address that was somehow sending me plugin disablers so that my office suite wouldn’t work, my internet wouldn’t load.  Glad I have a super awesome techy son who spotted it for me after our computer man sent it back scratching his head, knowing there was something wrong but not knowing what.

Anyone know of any techy jobs going as he’s currently on the lookout for one?  I’m serious!  Last Friday was his birthday and we all went out to see him handling owls, one of his major loves in life.  He really likes wildlife and birds of prey.  It was a bit of a drive over to the animal sanctuary but the weather held out for us and we managed to get some pictures and video of him flying a barn owl, his second favourite and a hawk, as well handling an eight-week old Bengal owl, I think it was.  I’ll try and sort out the pictures but with the computer being flakey all week, I haven’t had much chance.  Add it to my ever-growing list of “what mum’s do”.

Have a super awesome week and keep finding just a little bit of time each week to do your family tree, it really helps rather than leaving it and having a mega fest every so often.  I think it’s called Binge FTing – lol, bit like Facebook for family tree – LOL.

Till next week; don’t forget that survey, here’s the link again


with your chance to win a spot on our “Creating Your Legacy” course for free.

If you don’t win and you’re interested in finding out how to organise and manage your family tree paperwork and memoribilia and create something that will be treasured and passed down through the generations, then check out our the first module of our course HERE.  That module is free, but if you want to take a look over what you get for the whole course, check it out HERE.  It’s brand new, so I’m very open to constructive criticism.