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Why am I such a whimp?


Yesterday, we had a fabulous day in Cardiff attending the Graduation of our youngest son, Andrew.  The weather was incredibly kind to us, we had the odd shower but on the whole it was warm and dry.

Everything went to plan in terms of time, we found parking spaces at every venue we needed to visit, four in total and the only issue we had was a technical one that both our camera card was full and the Camcorder went onto auto saving power and died on me just at the very moment Andrew moved onto the stage to shake the principal’s hand!

To be fair, the camera got a few shots of him just walking on stage, hubby managed to video it on his phone and there’s always the official DVD to fall back on!

As you can imagine, we were incredibly proud and yet another fabulous set of memories to add to our already burgeoning family tree memoribilia.

And of course, whimp that I am, the tissues had to come out at varying intervals throughout the day.  I was the same at my eldest’s graduation.  In fact, I was exactly the same at my own graduation in 2000.

So, tissues aside, how am I going to go about getting all this detail down?

  1. Accumulate all the data, i.e. photos from all devices and camcorders etc. Pull everything together in one place on one device.
  2. Back up all media in more than one place i.e. on your hard drive, your Google drive or Dropbox or Mediafire and possibly on a DVD or CD too. Do this BEFORE you start resizing etc, so you have a MASTER file.
  3. Look for an online facility to create a photobook, there are lots out there and your choice is really determined by how much control you want over it. Simply Google it and you’ll get tons of listings. Use Powerpoint – it’s on most computers and if you want to know how to use that, don’t forget our online course at DigiScrapbooking Course
  4. Don’t forget to add the date and details in your database or paper records and then keep a folder with all of the memoribilia from the day. Label that folder and keep a note of what it’s called and where it’s stored in your paperwork.
  5. Enjoy reliving your moments.

If you have a family member that are graduating this Summer, make sure you spend some time accumulating everything and putting it together into a memento you can treasure.  Spend that little bit of extra time after the day to help keep those memories fresh.